A Womb With a View

A Womb With a View
March 15, 2011

Friday, July 8, 2011

Children, An Endangered Species

If the recent media circus over the Casey Anthony trial demonstrated anything, it is how low on the totem pole children are in this country. Who is going to pay for that child's murder? No one! This woman gets off scot-free and is probably headed for a small fortune in book deals and movie rights. But this isn't unusual, it is typical. Children are murdered every day in this country and no one seeks justice on their behalf because their murder is considered somebody else's constitutional right. Has abortion made us so desensitized to the death of children that we are going to start thinking of the Caylee Anthony's of the world as simply late-term abortions? Dr. Kermit Gosnell is under indictment for the murder of several infants whom he killed AFTER they were extracted from their mother's wombs in attempted abortions. Yet so called pro-choice groups consider what this man did at his West Philadelphia clinic health care for women.
I feel sorry for children today. Not only are they no longer safe in their mother's wombs, they are no longer safe when they exit the womb. Child abuse today is rampant and children are being forced to grow up too fast in a pop media culture which imposes a sexually charged template on adolescence. And the perpetrators of violence and sexual abuse against children are treated like victims themselves by a society too weak to impose   judgment and enforce its laws. It's a toss up whether Umbert is better off staying in the womb for another ten years or taking his chances on the outside.

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  1. Whenever I hear about things like Katie McCarron's, George Hodgin's, and Rylan Rochester's murders, it makes me SOOO angry and sickened. Any mother who would end a life that SHE helped cause to exist... I tend to see them as monstrous.